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Get rid of wire away with AT-600 Industrial Radio Remote Control

AT-600, a revolutionary industrial remote control.
A Radio remote system specialized in moving applications i.e. Towing Truck/Forest Winch/Hydraulic System...etc
The remote control gives operator convenient access to the controls with efficiency and safer. 
Intelligent Radio Communication: The advanced RF technology assures the operator can monitor constantly the radio communication between Transmitter and receiver. 
Auto Channel Selection: This function provides an easy way to optimize channel arrangement based on the current situation in the field and also approaches non-interference from other radio systems. 
Power-on Password mode available: An extra layer of security with having password required to prevent unauthorized operator.
Wireless Remote Pairing:System data information can be transferred wireless and especially to register a replacement transmitter without any tool required.  
PC software Programmable: The pushbuttons are able to be customized through its PC functional software upon Varity requests.
Hardware Advanced Design
Receiver pushbutton Panel (Optional available): Offering a pushbutton panel on receiver unit for special circumstances, i.e. transmitter damaged or lost.
NC/NO relays equipped: All relays are NC/NO relay for Varity of requirements. 
Water/Dirt resistant rate: IP 67 certified/ Transmitter unit, IP66 certified / Receiver unit
Pre-wired Output cables: A prewired cable makes wiring installation effortless, quick and easy.
Technical & Radio Data:
Frequency:   868MHz/ 915Mhz 
Numbers of available relay outputs:   8 output relays & Stop
Relay rating:    Up to 20A
Transmitter power supply:   2AA Battery (Rechargeable Ni-MH/ Alkaline)
Receiver power supply:     10~42 VDC
Functioning temperatures:  From -40c~ +85c
Reaction Time:  less than 0.1 Sec
Antenna type:  Internal Antenna
LED power Indicator: 3 stages power indicator ( Full, Middle, Low)
Transmitter Dimension( H X LX W)/Weight:    39mmx112mmx62mm/ 135g(w/o batteries)
Receiver Dimension ( H X LX W)/ Weight:       64mmx130mmx146mm (with Panel)